Day 7: The Term Begins

There is something about starting new classes that always fills me with a little bit of trepidation. The same thing happens when I start a new job. At its heart is the fear of the unknown… no matter how many classes I have attended, or kitchens I have worked in over the years, a new beginning is always nerve-wracking in a way that is at once irrational and completely understandable. Continue reading Day 7: The Term Begins


Day 6: Going “Home” from the Hotel

I crawled out of bed just before my alarm was due to go off at 7 am and wandered to the bathroom hoping to take a shower. I flicked the light switch — nothing turned on. I tried the light in the entry. Nothing. I opened the door to the corridor outside the room, and there was plenty of lights out there. Luck be damned, apparently our room had blown a breaker at some point during our collective repose. Continue reading Day 6: Going “Home” from the Hotel

Day 5: Congregating with the Crew

Sweaty and tired after a restless night passed at a hotel that cost far too much for the respite it offered, I awakened early and showered on my first morning in Rosario. The day had finally arrived… I was about to commence my five-week program studying Spanish and soccer in an unfamiliar city. Continue reading Day 5: Congregating with the Crew

Day 4: A Bus Ride to the Interior

I woke up feeling like absolute hell on Sunday after a night of throwing up. It turned out that the “bresaola” that one of the other hostel guests offered me was not bresaola at all but some sort of cured pork product. My stomach was not happy as I separated vomit-covered clothing from clean clothes in my backpack and prepared to check out of the hostel. Continue reading Day 4: A Bus Ride to the Interior

Day 3: Watching La Seleccion in Plaza San Martin

I’ve already written about this match at Sports Unbiased, where I had the pleasure of hanging out in the Plaza San Martín with thousands of Argentinian fans while La Seleccion barely skirted by Iran. I spent the afternoon in the park with a homeless couple that offered me maté, and I contributed a few beers in return. It was quite the experience…

Here are some pictures of my Saturday in the park: Continue reading Day 3: Watching La Seleccion in Plaza San Martin

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