The Benefits of a Loving Spouse

Without my wife, I would not be headed to Rosario in 17 days. She has been the catalyst for my study abroad, the rationale to push myself further beyond my limits than I ever imagined possible. Continue reading The Benefits of a Loving Spouse


The Current State of My Research

Part of my trip to Rosario this summer is centered on continuing the research I have started this term in the 407 senior seminar required for all history majors. For the past seven weeks, I have been studying the impacts of immigration and industrialization on professional soccer in the 1920s… in the United States. Continue reading The Current State of My Research

The Rosario Contingent (Beyond Messi)

When I tell people that I am going to Rosario this summer during the World Cup, the first words that inevitably fall out of almost everybody’s mouth are:

“You’re going to be watching the World Cup this summer in Lionel Messi’s hometown?!” It is the blessing and the curse of a city that never really got to know its greatest son. Continue reading The Rosario Contingent (Beyond Messi)

The Biographical History of a Transcript

As I prepare to embark on my journey more than 10,000 kilometers away from Eugene this summer, I haven’t been thinking as much about past travels as I had expected after being accepted into the study-abroad program. Instead, beyond focusing on getting through this semester and working on World Cup preview materials, I’ve been chuckling now and then about the fact that I’ll be spending a month and a half at yet another different school. Add another institution to the list of places that will have contributed credit-hours to my (eventual) attainment of a Bachelor’s degree.

Continue reading The Biographical History of a Transcript

The Roots of the Project

What is The Rosario Project? The site was conceived as a scholarship project and is designed to serve as a journal of the trip on which I will be embarking this summer to study for six weeks in Argentina. It draws its focus from the course that inspired me to apply for a summer in South America as well as the FIFA World Cup that will be taking place in Brazil during my time in Rosario. Continue reading The Roots of the Project

A Journey into the Heart of Soccer and Society