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Day 8: Moving Up

Apparently my Spanish is far better than I give myself credit. After studying a bit the prior evening, I had no problem with the vocabulary we had learned yesterday. We played a game of Pictionary in conversation class, using the vocabulary words as our guide, and I found no need to have the professor explain any of the words I drew. 90 short minutes later, we were already done with the class for the day, and everything seemed to be barreling along with ease. Continue reading Day 8: Moving Up


Day 7: The Term Begins

There is something about starting new classes that always fills me with a little bit of trepidation. The same thing happens when I start a new job. At its heart is the fear of the unknown… no matter how many classes I have attended, or kitchens I have worked in over the years, a new beginning is always nerve-wracking in a way that is at once irrational and completely understandable. Continue reading Day 7: The Term Begins