About the Author

Bigalke_photoZach Bigalke is a B.A. candidate in the history department at the University of Oregon.  He is specializing in sports history and is currently working on a thesis studying the impact of professionalization and immigration on the popularity of soccer in Argentina and the United States before and after their 1930 FIFA World Cup semifinal match.

Currently the managing editor of Sports Unbiased, Zach has served in the same capacity at both Informative Sports and Global Turnstile. He has also been featured at Helium, FanSided, the Portland State Vanguard and other online publications.

Zach has also authored two books — a science fiction, Cosmonaut Kapalev and the Atomic Exiles, and Dispatches from Vancouver: A Non-Traditional Sports Fan in America’s View of the XXI Winter Olympiad — and compiled the anthology The Best of Informative Sports. Follow him at Twitter @zbigalke; for more info on his books, visit Amazon.


One thought on “About the Author”

  1. Very impressive to make a reality your dreams come true. You will be able to add another chapter to your wish list. I have read your book Cosmonaut Kapalev and the Atomic Exiles, and I was very impressed. I can not wait to follow your journal to Rosario. Congratulations Zach!


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A Journey into the Heart of Soccer and Society